4 Reasons to Move Away From Your Hometown

I know this is one of the things that most people tell you, but I think it is important to do this at least once in your life. Going out and experiencing living in a different place can help you to branch out, meet new people, and find your place in the world. Especially if you are from a small town where the people you are around may not be the most diverse.

My husband was in the military so when we got married I moved from Indiana to North Carolina, so living on the beach versus in the middle of a cornfield was a big adjustment. I didn’t know a single soul and it really put me out of my comfort zone. I had gone to school with the same group of people from Kindergarten all the way to senior year, so until I went to college I hadn’t really branched out from my friend group. 

When I moved to North Carolina I met some of my best friends, found my place with a group of people who understood me, and I got to live on the beach. I got to grow a little bit and work on myself away from the constraints of the only place I had ever known.

With that being said I am going to give you four reasons why you should move away from your hometown…..

1) You Get To Find Yourself 

Moving away from all that you have ever known can be intimidating, but once you take that first step it is SO worth it. When I moved out for the first time to go to college, I was very upset and I was only moving an hour away. The first few weeks it was hard to be on my own, but I met some of my best friends in college. I am so thankful for that experience. Once you surround yourself with people who think similarly to you and find your place you truly find who you are meant to be. 

 2) You Experience More Diversity 

If you are from a small town there is usually not a lot of diversity. Once I moved to North Carolina into a military town there were people from different states, different countries, different backgrounds and it was so eye opening to meet new people and hear their stories. You experience and learn to appreciate different cultures and different types of people, and I think that is so important especially with what is going on in our society today.

3) You Can Live In A Cool Place 

You can move somewhere completely different from your hometown! Maybe you have always lived in the mountains, but you want to live on the beach or vice versa! You can travel and get to experience a different place than you had lived before. When we moved back to Indiana, I was so sad to leave the beach! Having a change of scenery can be good, and if you have the chance to live where you have always wanted to why not do it! The way I look at it is, I would rather move somewhere and realize I don’t like it than wonder for the rest of my life what it would have been like to live there.

4) You Might Realize That You Want to Move Back 

Moving away from your hometown can help you gain independence and help to shape you into who you want to be, but it is okay to want to come back after you have gone and experienced living somewhere else. 

My husband and I loved living in North Carolina, but we had some of the best memories with our grandparents and cousins when we were younger and we want our future kids to have that same experience. So we decided that we wanted to come back home to settle down! Now this may not be the case for everyone, some people may love where they move and want to stay there, but we ultimately wanted to move home to be closer to our family when we start our own 🙂

Moving away from your hometown can be really intimidating at first, but it can help you meet so many new people and get to experience different things you normally wouldn’t if you never leave where you came from. I met some of my best friends through military life and learned what it’s like to live in a new place where no one knew my name.

As always let me know if you had a positive or negative experience if you moved away from your hometown or decided to stay, I love hearing from you guys! 🙂 

Until Next Time!

Riley Jo XOXO

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