I love to thrift and I love the idea of having a sustainable wardrobe in the world of fast fashion. Don’t get me wrong I still have some cheap items of clothing in my closet, because your girl loves a good deal!  BUT one of my goals once we get settled into the new house is to build a wardrobe that I love, and that I can maintain for a long time. I also plan to thrift some items to use as home decor so I am going to list some of the tips I keep in mind when I am going thrifting whether it is for clothes or decor items!


My usual thrifting spot is Goodwill, but wherever I go I try to have a plan in mind of what I want to look for! Recently, I have been looking for basic pieces for my fall wardrobe. My goal was to find a jean jacket, basic long sleeves, sweaters and cardigans! Goodwill usually has some pretty good options for these depending on where you go, but I will talk about that in another tip! Always have an outfit in mind of what you want to wear that piece with and if you don’t have a set idea then put it back on the rack!

 If you are crafty you can look for home decor pieces to DIY and flip! You can find some pretty unique pieces of furniture and give them a good coat of paint to match your decor style. Just like clothing, have a plan of where you want to put that piece in your house or plan how you want to renovate it. This way you are not just buying junk that you might end up sending back to Goodwill!


Now I know some people may be grossed out by this especially if it is a thrifted item…..but there is a reason someone sent it to be thrifted…because it usually has an unusual fit! Now this is not true for every piece, especially if you know what looks good on your body. Sometimes, clothes just don’t fit right and just because they are a good price DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD BUY IT. I have to have this little pep talk with myself all the time no matter what store I am in and no matter how good the deal is! In other words if it doesn’t fit you just right….don’t buy it! 


I LOVE looking at cookbooks and thrift stores usually have a wide selection for a great price! Almost all of my cookbooks are thrifted. I know in the day of Pinterest cookbooks can seem irrelevant, but I do have a rule of thumb for these as well. I look through the recipes and if I find at least 5 or more recipes that I can use I will usually pick it up and take it home! Then you can always write those recipes down and pass the book along to a friend or re-donate it. 

I also love looking for books for decor purposes as well! If you take the plastic cover off of old books it will show the neutral binding and cover underneath. You can search through these books to  find colors and styles that go with your decor! Bonus points if the book is actually a genre that you like! 


I know this sounds kind of silly, but it just makes sense especially if you want to find some name brand clothes some even with the tags on them still! My husband was leery about secondhand shopping UNTIL we went to a goodwill in a more “upscale” town close to us and he was HOOKED! He is really into golfing, and he found a ton of name brand Greg Norman golf polos for about 4 dollars each, you can’t beat that! I found a pair of brand new American Eagle jeans with the tags still on them for 6 dollars. This is by far one of my biggest tips, I always find some of the best clothes and home decor at these stores! 

I know this was a little bit of a different style blog, but as we get closer to moving into the house and fall time I find myself thriting a lot more! If you have any thrifting tips and tricks feel free to share in the comments!

Until the next one…..

Riley Jo XOXO

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