My Home Decor Plans

This blog is going to be a little different than the previous ones I have written. I am not in my house yet but I am itching to decorate it! I have been scrolling through Pinterest and watching too much Youtube during this pandemic trying to figure out how I want to decorate my house. 

So I sat down, figured out my design style and went from there. I didn’t fall in one main category of interior design such as farmhouse, modern, or contemporary. I am kind of a mix of interior design styles. I love things to look light and airy, but I also love texture and pops of color to make it feel a little more cozy!

We are wanting to do a really basic color palette of black, white and gray with wood accents. I love the mid century modern/ contemporary with a little bit of industrial mixed in for some different textures. 

Soo in my boredom while being quarantined I made a google doc plan of what decor I wanted in each room with picture collages catered to each. My goal in the new house is to be organized and functional, so I had to cater to my love for interior design, my personal style, and find inspiration for pieces that were functional but also looked nice in the space. 

Below I will break down the house room by room with pictures I have found for inspiration. I am going to work from the front of the house to the back of the house . 

First is the Entryway:

In the entryway of our home we have quite a bit of space to work with! We have a long hallway so I want to do some sort of picture wall because that is something I didn’t do in our last home. I want to incorporate more family pictures especially when we have kiddos. Our main foyer/landing area right at the front door is pretty spacious so I want to incorporate some hooks and maybe a bench just so the space is a little more functional. In the first picture in the upper right, the white drawers are actually shoe holders from IKEA so once we get better measurements we are going to look into those as well! That is a simple plan of the entryway, now moving onto the kitchen! 


For the kitchen we went with black granite countertops and white cabinets, we are adding the black door and drawer pulls to the doors ourselves (having the builder install them is expensive!) We want to keep the light and airy feel in the kitchen as well. We are going to decorate with wood accents and we want to find these sort of industrial lights to eventually switch out the standard lights that will hang over our island. Our floors are a little darker than the ones shown in the picture, but that is a pretty close picture of the aesthetic we want in the kitchen!

Moving onto the Breakfast Nook…

Breakfast Nook:

Since we don’t have a very large dining area space we want to make the most out of the space that we have, spo we decided on a breakfast nook! We have the perfect space for it in our kitchen and we want to keep the light and airy theme throughout. We are wanting a white table and bench with wood accents to tie it all together. Also we want to add some storage in the benches as well just to make the space functional. 

Living Room:

Since we have a half vaulted ceiling in the living room we want to keep things light and bright to keep the openness of the space. We want to keep the same gray, white and black theme in the living room as well. We are looking for a plush gray sectional, with a slight industrial accent like a wood and metal mixed blanket ladder. I want to incorporate more plants into this house because I want the natural element that they bring to the space.

Master Bedroom:

The Master bedroom is the room I am MOST excited to decorate aside from the kitchen! We want our room to be light and bright. I want a lot of mirrors to make the space seem larger. I want to have white and fluffy bedding with a lot of natural wood elements in our bed frame and other accents. I want this room to feel light, bright and relaxing! 

Master Bathroom:

This will definitely be a home project later down the road. We want to switch out the standard tub and shower for a walk in tile shower but that was not in the initial budget so we will work with what we have for now! We will have white cabinets and we want to incorporate the circle mirrors in the bathroom as well. 

Last but not least is the….

Laundry Room:

Again we are sticking with the light and bright theme in the laundry room, one thing we want to incorporate is a folding table on top of our washer and dryer, and we also want to incorporate metal drying racks to stick with our industrial touches we have going throughout. Also, I want to incorporate clear jars for displaying clips, dryer balls and dryer sheets just to add some simple decorations. 

I did not show all of the rooms in the house because I don’t have a plan for the guest rooms just yet (they will eventually be for kids) but we might create an office or youtube space for the time being! Since these are just pinterest inspiration pictures I can’t wait to decorate the house and see if it looks similar to my plans! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and my future plans for the house, let me know your suggestions in the comments or what your design style is….until next time!

Riley Jo XOXO

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