4 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

As we prepare to move into our new home we have been going through all of our moving boxes from the old house and getting rid of things that we don’t need or want anymore. Throughout the past year we hadn’t even touched those boxes so it was like Christmas going through everything and remembering what we had!

Throughout this process I have found that my home decor style has changed and there are just things that I no longer need. Military life really prepared me for packing all of my things quickly and efficiently. As well as learning what to keep and what to throw out or give away. So I am going to share 5 tips for decluttering whether you are moving or already in your house to help keep things organized and efficient. 

When decluttering I like to start with clothes or closets!

  1. If You Haven’t Worn it in a Year, GIVE IT AWAY!

One of my goals for when we move into the new house is to have an organized closet so that I can start to build my capsule wardrobe(a wardrobe with a lot of basic pieces that I can wear many different ways). To start decluttering my clothes I used the backwards hanger method (I turned all of my hangers the opposite way when I swap my clothes out for the season. If I hadn’t worn it by the end of the season or by the end of the year I got rid of it! It has been working pretty well for me so far. 

I also will go through my basic t-shirts every year and see which ones need to be thrown out and what need replaced. Usually my white t-shirts will get a little dingy, so I will buy a few new ones.  I do the same with jeans or any clothes with noticeable stains or holes. 

  1. If it Doesn’t Have a Place, Get Rid of it 

One rule of thumb I have with decorations when I am decluttering is that if I can’t imagine it in a space in my home It will go into the garage sale or the Goodwill pile! When I organized and went through all of our boxes for the move I looked at all of my old decor and decided I wanted to go with a different decor style in this house. I kept a few pieces that would work and a few that were sentimental but if  I didn’t have a vision for it to go in the new house, I put it in the “give away” pile!

The key to decluttering is to make sure everything has a place to keep everything looking neat and tidy!

  1. Categorize

When packing, organizing and decluttering it is so important to categorize your items and your tasks! It can be overwhelming to do all at once so when packing it is important to split all of your boxes up based on rooms or items. For example, I labeled all of my boxes according to what they were and when we move into the new house everything can go into its specific room which makes unpacking more efficient. 

When I declutter in my home I always tackle one room at a time so I don’t have multiple messes and can keep everything straight! I will usually start in my closets since they tend to be a catch all for most things since you can “hide” your clutter in closets! I will pull everything out of them, categorize the items, and get rid of anything that I don’t want or need anymore!

  1. Organize

Organization is the key to decluttering and this also goes along with categorizing. Organizing items as you put them away can help you to keep things tidy and less cluttered! One area where organization is super helpful is the drawers in your home. The best way I found to keep these looking nice and neat is to get drawer organizers to fit the size of your drawers. This is a LIFE SAVER in the kitchen since it is so easy to throw silverware and utensils into the drawer. This is also helpful to have in your dresser drawers to organize clothes because I especially am guilty of just throwing my clothes in there (because I hate putting laundry away) and shoving things around so that I can close the drawers….. By folding them a certain way or getting organizers everything is visible and has a place!

This way you can go to the drawer and grab what you need!

These are just some basic tips that I use to declutter around my house to keep things neat and tidy! It is an ongoing battle that you have to work and make a habit out of but if you are needing some organization in your life these tips will definitely help you get a good start!

Until next time…..

Riley Jo XOXO

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